Monday, June 12, 2006

Look--how about some practical reviews?

Alright, these "gasbag" reviews of "books" are nice and everything, but who really needs practical advice about whether or not to read a book? I think we all know the answer to that question.

So, why not have a review of some recent movies? That way, you may save some money waiting for the DVD release.

Let's start with X-Men III, The Last Stand. Huge potential, miserable disappointment. The first two really were comic booky, this one is as gay as pink on parade. Save your money. The only potential saving grace was Dr. Jean Grey, who is exceptionally hot, but she seemed to have some sort of skin and eye problem in this episode.

Let's move next to, and wrap up with, Thank you for smoking . Worth the ten bucks just to see Tom Cruiseseses' wife faking sex with a non-Christian scientist. Great dark humor.

Next time: Girls Gone Wild, Co-ed Try-outs.


OneEar said...

Dr Rasputin,

If you would bother to read the Sporadic Gasbag Reviewer rules, you would note that movie reviews are indeed welcomed.

The association pledges to review a bad book, movie or television.

My next review will be of the Toshiba 19" with DVD player. Barely outlasted the 90 day warranty.

Loud but off key said...

OneEar, you're always choking me with your "rules" "regulations" and "laws".

Charlie said...

A HERETIC! God have mercy. Where in the world would we be without rules, regulations, laws, canons, traditions, and my two personal favorites, superstitions and inquisitions?

Charlie said...

Oh, and Dr LBOK: That is faking sex with a non-Scientologist: you appear to have your sciences confused.

From what I gather, His Most Holiness Cruise is now at the top of his ladder, an Alpha-Omega-Delta Level 8. Boy, that musta cost him a bundle.

By the way, OneEar, did you get my $4 dues for next year?

cocoa_no_gogo said...


What's the latest with you and Frankengirl?

OneEar said...

AP - You paid for last year. Dues are paid one year forward, two years back. Please review the manual.

LBok - I am not "choking" you, chicken. I am not a big fan of "laws" either. But rules are rules. I think you'll find very little disagreement on that point. Speaking of little, did you see the AbuGogo story on 60 minutes last night?

Coco- she is devoted to Al Franken, so I don't think there is room in her life for the spin Dr. even though he doesn't take up much space.

cocoa_no_gogo said...

On Wednesday evening, I'll be heading for Dillingham, Alaska.

Luckily the city of Dillingham has been outfitted with 800 security cameras to monitor the movements of its 2400 residents. More luckily, it was able to get Homeland Security to pay for them.

read story here

....So, if curisosity about my business in Dillingham overtakes you, then be sure to watch my movements via the web links to the cameras.

OneEar said...

Coco, do you see that small white teddy bear across the room from you? Could you please take that with you on your travels? No particular reason.

Loud but off key said...

OneEar: "rules are rules"? That reminds me of what a great man in the Bayou once said in a drunken stupor: facts are facts.
Well, they are.
What the hell happened on 60 Minutes?

AP: are Scientologists from a different spaceship than Christian Scientists? Pardon my group stereo typing, if so.

CoCoa: I'm getting nowhere with Frankengirl because OneEar keeps bustin' my rap. Though it may be the handsomeness of my picture that is stalling my progress. But thanks for paying attention. Are you planning to bash a baby seal while you're on camera?