Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dr. Bok reporting from Sunny London

Whoever said that the weather in England is grim was perhaps...exactly correct. But not everyone is foolish enough to be coaxed into coming for the highlights of English winter in January. I am, for the record. While walking through the woods on Sunday, preparing for an upcoming talk on Tuesday (that's today, my time), I stumbled upon this thousand-year-old Norman church, which the locals treat with relative indifference. 'oh yeah, that church's all old and a bit broken down'. A bit broken down? As the smarmy would say in L.A., 'duh'.

The last thing I stumbled across in the woods that was almost a thousand years old was the lint in OneEar's belly-button. I did not take a picture, so be thankful. I think that the grey sky, grey church, grey stone wall and crosses dotting the horizon on the hill speak volumes about this cheery society as a whole.

Looking at all of these time-worn surroundings allows the imagination run wild, since such ancient reflections of humanity from millenia past are not really to be found in the good ole US of America. For example, it is not at all difficult to imagine one of our forefathers, two-hundred and fifty years ago plodding along a grey grassy knoll such as the one above, and having a conversation such as, "By God's Great Hand! This is the most depressing fucking place anyone in their right mind could imagine. God, why hast Thou forsaken me and all my countrymen? Must we go forth, and create a New Country, one that contains many a splenderous city such as Orlando? Lest we blow our fucking brains out all over this new Norman church here with our muskets?!?"

I love daydreaming about the tortured minds of people from the past. And this trip has really allowed me to indulge myself so far. So, until the next update, Cheerio! (they're just trying to over-compensate with silly expressions like that, by the btw)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


The triple-decker is a feat oft described, but rarely executed. It truly harkens back to an early Rusty session, "the Ohio tapes", which included the famous instigator, Sit-nay. OneEar (and his jacket) was instantly transformed into a human (sheep) sled.