Thursday, June 22, 2006

Becoming a Marxist; Pointers sought

Discontent for my job has developed into disdain for work in general. As a result, I have thought about becoming a Marxist.

Would anyone out there be able to point me in the right direction toward achieving this? Is there a home-study course?

Is there a health plan for Marxists?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Your pal,


OneEar said...

I think you may run into some problems on the "from each according to his abilities" front.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

Howwwwwwl! thats funny.

you could start at the costume store as well. i hear the beard is half the battle.


cocoa_no_gogo said...

Thanks for everyone's input. I've spent the whole night studying and I am pretty sure I've got the whole thing down.

Luckily, my low level of abilities are countered by my high level of needs (as well as my rather large penis.)

Shall we move the Unichurk toward a policy of liberation? I'm getting a little bored wating for that rapture thing.

Loud but off key said...

Come to California. This place is loaded with dickheads who can tell you all about how they became Marxisteseses, and how they've secretly figured out how to keep the man from keepin' them down through solidarity, etc. You will, of course, have to buy a year's subscription to the "Magic Crystal of the Month" club.

cocoa_no_gogo said...


Thanks for the tip. California may be the answer. Is the pornographic video industy still doing well there? Whenever I happen to catch a glimpse of one of their productions, it always seems like there is a really sense of community there.

Also, as you may recall, I am in possession of the "Magic Stone of Zanzibar" -- so I should be accepted readily.

Doodee Doodee Doodee

OneEar said...

They're likely to say, "He must be able to do something!

I do know a guy who knows a guy who met Ron Jeremy, so I think I can get you into the industry if that is your new thing.