Friday, January 06, 2006

First Reconciliation Church of the New Unification of OneEar's Good and Gloriful Holy Occity Disciples

The schism in the church has been resolved. It has been revealed that God really did create "day" before creating "the sun," but it was a dark day. So, we were both right. Only WE were a little more right.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Buzz Bessette Fan Club - A Lounge Lizard's Lizard

Buzz Bessette was born in El Paso, Texas. His father, an organist and trombone player in the Continental Army Band, and his mother, an organist and drummer, imbued him with the love of music early on.

Buzz began his professional music career after high school when he performed with such acts as George and the Diminished 5th, Dawn of Atlantis show band and the 50's rockers, The Stingrays. Diversifying his style, he performed with the East Coast Express Jazz Band in the legendary Orion's Roof Club in Virginia Beach. Later he began studying classical piano with Ila Bovee.

He was held in captivity as a "lounge lizard" for over 16 years. Call Guinness! He performed over 4500 shows at one venue! Buzz began performing for the Showcase in the 2004 summer show, "wowing" us with his phenomenal keyboard and vocal skills.

1 Man Band/ Keyboardist Buzz Bessette
Physical Address:1000 Colington Road Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
Mailing Address:PO Box 6 Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Do NOT Join The New Unification Church of OneEar's Good and Holy Disciples of God

"The one true church" is The New Unification Church of Oneear's Gloriful Occity of God's Oneness (NUCO-GOGO) Do NOT be fooled into joining the New Unification Church of Oneear's Good and Holy Disciples of God (NUCO-GAHDOG). They are a bunch of phonies and heathens!

The one true church, NUCO-GOGO, holds to the core truths and does not get sidetracked in superstition and personal vendetta. Witness: There is one eternal God, a bearded carpenter, who had 3 distinct simultaneous identities: A father, a son and a ghost.

Witness: it was said that the son's mother never had sex with his dad leaving the only remaining possibility that the baby was conceived of God's sperm. And so, we drink his blood and eat his flesh and other essentials that are clarified in the Scriptures.

If the "church" you attend does not hold to these essential beliefs, you are in a cult! There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. No matter what name they use, they are not a church! This is not my opinion; it is a fact clearly explained by the writings of some of the carpenter's friends.

I wouldn't trust The New Unification Church of OneEar's Good and Holy Disciples of God as far as I could throw them. Booo to NUCO-GAHDAG!!!!!!! They are impostors.

Please, save yourself the inconvenience of damnation for all eternity - join the one true church (NUCO-GOGO not NUCO-GAHDAG).