Monday, June 25, 2007

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hello Lamp-post

"Where has Coco gone?" LBok asks. Good question. Maybe he is busy birthing a child.

Or maybe, just maybe the Official Site of the First Unification Church of Knowledge has failed of late to deliver enough quality timely news. Well, hint taken. Here is the very latest in knowledge.

1) A California man has sued the maker of a vitamin drink for giving him an unstoppable erection. In an unrelated story, I filed suit agains the same vitamin drink maker, but for the opposite reason.

2) A California woman who lived with 120 rats and who was hospitalized for treatment of the animal bites all over her 81 year old arms said she started with two rats but then it "got out of hand." This recalls what happened with Michael Jackson after the movie "Ben."

3) A Washington DC Judge is suing a dry cleaner for $54M because they lost his pants. Between this guy and Marion Barry, I'm getting the impression that running for office in DC might be right up my alley.

4) Principal of Catholic school in Ohio gets probation in foot-kissing case. Holloway told authorities he paid each student $15 and kissed their bare feet 50 times each in the school's library and gym to pay off the bet on a student-teacher volleyball game.
"It's going to be a long road to get back to a normal life for myself," he said.

5) Does anyone have any idea of what happened to Paris Hilton? I haven't heard anything about her in quite some time, and I'm getting worried.