Tuesday, December 28, 2004

What Color is My Pair of Shoes? Vol I

What Color is My Pair of Shoes? Vol I.

Career Advice for a New Millenium from an Award Winning Award Winner

Award winning career advice from the award winning author of "How to Give Yourself Awards for Your Writing."

By Philo Daugel Boone, IV and James Graham

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- - - - - - - -EXCERPT from Chapter 1a -

Friends!!! I am extremely excited to present you with the opportunity of a lifetime. Are you “stuck” in a “dead-end job” on a “dead-end road” in a “dead-end life?” Are you tired of getting nothing while others who are far less deserving than yourself get everything? Are you ready to truly live?

....... . .

Some people will tell you that everything worth having takes hard work. They are what I call “Doers.” Don’t be a doer. If you want to live, be a “Liver.”

You are probably wondering whether there is a catch. No, this is offer is catchless. Remember the old saying; “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is true.”

Just send me $49.95 for your “Money Easy” kit, and I guarantee that you will be well on your way to financial freedom. For the Platinum Plan, which allows you to accumulate wealth twice as fast, just send me $69.95. As an absolutely free added bonus, you will receive my latest financial advice guide “Money Good,” for only $14.33 in shipping and handling.

Do not delay. Do send me the check and I guarantee you will be well on your way to financial independence. Imagine yourself as a liver, envision yourself as a liver, and then become a liver. I will show you how.
Remember about the check, that you need to send it, that is, to me.



  1. How To Give Yourself Awards For Your Writing.
  2. A Gynecologic Analysis of the Enron Collapse.
  3. The Grand Conspiracy Continues, A Brief History of Thyme, Potato Cannon Handbook, and Guide To Stringing Together Unrelated Thoughts.
  4. Get That Smell Out of Your Stuff!
  5. 10 Sure-Fire Signs That Your Spouse is a Hermaphrodite.
  6. Vacation Without Leaving Your Couch
  7. Avoid Personal Hygiene – The Easy Way.
  8. Is Enough Really Enough?
  9. 10 Things They Won’t Teach You at Business School.
  10. Are Optimists Completely Insane?
  11. How I Got On Top, Evolutionarywise.
  12. Money Good.

For a glowing review, see http://charliecallahan.blogspot.com/2006/01/what-color-is-my-pair-of-shoes-vol-i.html


Anonymous said...

Is this a real book?

OneEar said...

Define "real."