Friday, May 12, 2006

Rusty Never Sleeps - Official Site of the First UniChurcK

Rusty Never Sleeps - Official Site of the First UniChurcK
OneEar, I think your congregational members are with your battered Wookie head in spirit, and, unfortunately for you, in person shortly. But you have long known that we were coming. To quote a wise sausage-maker, who would attack a Wookie? Who among you, in the Blogosphere? (I am secretly hoping your attackers will inadvertently tip their hands in a response comment. That way, if the soapy-grave trick doesn't work, we can use the internet to snatch them up! Sorry for the snatch reference; I promised I wouldn't do that...)
Just so this post is not a total wash, I refer the gentle reader to my little brother's Blog, which details a major victory for bloggers everywhere.
We are all hoping for a speedy recovery of OneEar's headache.


OneEar said...

Perhaps it is the concussion, but I can't follow this story.

How did your "brother" manage to piss off Maine, New York, Stanley somebody and John Robertson?

Whatever he is doing, I say "kudos."

Loud but off key said...

By being an obnoxious wise-ass; it runs in the family. He used his blog to point out the incompetence the Maine Office of Tourism was showing in internet advertising. The New York company that they were paying big money to was linking certain keywords for the office to porn-sites, and were not using any of the basic methods that are effective to increase internet traffic to ads. He knows a lot about the business and was very vocal on his blog about what a ridiculous waste of taxpayers' money the current effort was. The Office of Tourism responded by leaving threatening anonymous messages on his voicemail, calling his boss's wife, and then the ad company filed a multimillion libel suit against him. Then the issue of blogs as they relate to the first amendment fell into view. Fortunately for my brother, once a state senator got wind of it all, he insisted that the contract with the Office of Tourism for the New York firm be suspended until the lawsuit had been resolved. The New York company chickened out at that point.

OneEar said...

Oh, that old trick.

OneEar said...

Also, Bok, after careful scrutiny, I have identified a defect in your crime solving solution. You wrote:

"..who would attack a Wookie? Who among you, in the Blogosphere? (I am secretly hoping your attackers will inadvertently tip their hands in a response comment..."

Do you see the problem? Does "you" refer to me, to a blogger, or to them? Your trap is poorly worded. I fear that these crafty batterers, wordsmiths that they are sure to be, will recognize the ambiguous pronoun and escape.

Loud but off key said...

I see your point. Ambiguous pronouns strike again. This is not the first time I have felt the stinging consequences of poor word choice. Hmmph,back to the drawing board. I hope your headache doesn't hurt this bad.

OH, BTW, as far as panicking for avian flu, I would say the critical hour has really passed, according to everything Hollywood has taught me. CNN, however, will likely try to reinstigate the panicking at various times over the next decade.

Loud but off key said...

Hey, UniAuriculum,
How does one post a picture on a post or profile? I don't have one of those "photo" icons.

Nightmare said...


Sorry I was typing in Wookie. What I said was Yes who would attack a Wookie?

OneEar said...

Dr Bok - Just click on the "add image" icon. I know it's counter-intuitive, but that is indeed how you add an image. Make sure you are in the "Compose" and Not "Edit Html" editor.

mare- I know what you meant.

OneEar said...

In response to your inquiry But seriously, that Frankenstein girl seems hot. Can you introduce us?

you can link to her page here Frankengirl's Monster

Tell her that you're a friend of mine, but keep your abu gogo-ness hush hush for the time being.