Thursday, April 20, 2006

der Rustige (modified) = Rusty on the Bayou INTRO


Miss Litzi said...

Am I mssing something here? I couldn't hear too well on your previous post, and this one is totally confusing.
Maybe I need a hearing aid and glasses!

OneEar said...

Contact your nearest RUE-authorized TRIPE service technician. If you opted to purchase the extended service warranty, then you will only need to pay for parts and labor.

Charlie said...

Your movies remind me of Wes's Craven. Er, raven. Yes, that's it. Wes Raven.

The sex scene was too long. Never thought I'd say that in 10 million years.

OneEar said...

Thank you, AP. We filmed a 10 million year sex scene, but much of it remains on the cutting room floor.

Once the participants became old and died, it seemed to lose something.

OneEar said...

AP, You should get a set of headphones or something so that you can enjoy the audio. Otherwise, it is difficult to decipher that the film is all about the infamous lost camera.

"Building our box office receipts one seat at a time." -Rustyworks