Sunday, April 06, 2008

Moses Dead. Twice as Corny.

Years ago, I remember chatting with Moses before he could afford to purchase brand-name underwear. I tried to do him a favor and use my shaman's Magic Wand to turn his hedgehog-skin shirt into a Faconable french-cuffed pin-striped shirt, but something went wrong with the incantation, as you can see. Or am I smoking a cigarette, held at great distance from my face to avoid the obvious fire hazard? The Jerk-Off (TM) Drive could answer the question, since all of my drinking makes me less reliable as time passes.

Rest In Peace, Captain George Taylor. Say 'hi' to Cornelius.

"You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you! Damn you all to hell!"


OneEar said...


Did you happen to watch that movie about Bowling and Columbine where the fat guy ambushed Moses about some dead little girl? That was funny.

Doc Bok said...

Yeah, I hate that fat guy. But the scene was definitely uncomfortable.

litzi said...

Hi OneEar,
Do you think the NRA is going to miss their most notorious member??

Howdy, Doc Bok!!

OneEar said...

Litzi, keep on keepin' on.

We're still waiting for Doc Bok's puppet regime to man the canon balls, so not much new here.

Doc Bok said...

you guys really take the 'shun' out of revolution

litzi said...

A revolting development?