Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Underminers Present First Annual BBQ

The Underminers Society of America is holding its First Annual "What Are You Eating Under There?" Holiday Barbecue today. Members of the secretive society spent the last few days making final preparations including digging potti-pits and filling their recently completed moat with charcoal briquets.

The "ring of fire," as they call it, is now ready for some serious cooking. Bring what you will, throw it in the ring and watch it "burn, burn, burn."

For an entrance fee of only $20, participants can also participate in the many fun and educational activities. Experience 19th century coal miner land, 20th century coal miner land, and 21st century coal miner land, all in the same shaft. Learn why the free press must be silenced if totalitarianism is to have any hopes of success. Dig a hole and then fill it up. It is a fun filled extravaganza for the "whole" family!!!!

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