Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happy Late Mardi Gras, Welcome to Lent

Here you can see your hero and mine in his standard action-pose, and a man with two in-tact ankles whose future is about to change thanks to a bladder-control problem. And a very, very grumpy "car lover" who was FANATICAL about some piece of crap vehicle he happened to either "own" or "drive" or "both". That guy needed to chill out. Curses, curses.

I gave up Catholicism this year for lent for the second year in a row. Thanks God for Saint Patrick this month. And if you don't find this post entertaining enough, perhaps we can talk the Chancellor into giving us another riveting account of his penny-pinching escapades in the arena of modern technology. I 'regret' delaying my morning bowel movement long enough to read his post and try to figure out what I was missing.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank everyone (other than Litzi) for running over my blog, and then backing the truck up, and running over it again. You won't have onenotsolo to kick around anymore...Oneear, if you aren't going to blog yourself, you should at least foster a creative environment for others.

fu (except litzi),

your pal


Litzi said...
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Litzi said...
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Doc Bok said...

No dogma a'tall for me, Litzi. Gave that up for Lent, too. But you are dead-on for the gentlemen in the picture. One Note Solo, why did you sign your name One One Solo? You seem a little agitated. Why don't you blog about it?