Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Colonel Ebirt

I did not know that:

Colonel Ebirt was the unofficial school mascot for The College of William & Mary from 2001—2005. An asexual amorphous green blob that donned a tri-corner hat,
Colonel Ebirt was originally used as a promotional tool for Colonial Williamsburg. It became involved with the College athletics program when someone from the William & Mary gymnastics program volunteered to wear the costume.‘’Ebirt’’ is "Tribe" spelled backwards, and Colonel comes from the school’s historical and geographical ties to Williamsburg, Virginia, specifically that of Colonial Williamsburg.

The athletic department decided to "retire" Ebirt upon the conclusion of the 2005-06 school year. There is current deliberation about what or who, if any, mascot is to replace Ebirt.


Doc Bok said...

AND "Ebirt" is an anagram of "Ribet".

Think about it.

Ok, that's enough. Stop thinking about it.

OneEar said...

RE: "Asexual amorphous green blob."
Didn't you date her for awhile?

Doc Bok said...

she wasn't green. And I was getting regular sex for the first time in my life.

OneEar said...

That depends upon your definition of "regular."