Thursday, September 04, 2008

Off the Palings into the fire

I've just discovered that I am in favor of:

  • Teaching creationism in schools,
  • Drilling off the coast of Florida, and
  • Mixing evangelism with government policy-making.

Of course, I've always been on the fence with these issues; but it took a sassy, spunky librarian with a slightly sexy twang and a fun party-girl demeanor to show me the right place to be.

Drill baby drill, indeed!


OneEar said...

The "drill baby drill" chant during Giuliani's speech caught me off guard. I too understood it better when Sarah sauntered up to the pole.

Litzi said...

Hi Cocoa No GoGo,
Sarah Palin is an exemplary role model for all women. She’s one step removed from the barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen mentality; Phyllis Schlafly, only younger and cuter.

Here’s an article written by Gloria Steinem: Palin: Wrong woman, wrong message.

Sven said...

Cuter indeed! Remember, she was once voted the second cutest woman in Alaksa.

OneEar said...

litzi - thanks for reminding me about Gloria Steinem. Now I have to excuse myself for some self-flagellation due to my being a man.

sven - I'm glad you survived the aftermath of Hurricane GOP. Incidentally, why does everyone say G.O.P. instead of Gop?

Sven said...

Actually it wasn't too bad if you weren't pretending to be a journalist. The only thing that really bothered me (other than Palin and Guliani and Romney) were those damn helicopters. All day and all night, round and round and round...they never quit.

I'm sure they just did it for the Robert Duvall crowd...trying to sniff out a vitory, ya know.

Now that it's allergy season in MN, many of us do say Gop. In fact lots of folks felt the Gops were out of control, what with all the mace and riot gear.