Friday, September 19, 2008

Chapter 2 - The Saga Thickens

Exactly one week later, the guy decided to continue typing. First, he had to look up his name again, so he scrolled to Chapter 1. There it is, thought Russell.

Russell also jogged his own memory about the naked lady with the shells. He had forgotten about her but was glad to be reminded. He ran the search and “voila.” What did we ever do before the internet? We had to rely on our friends for pornography for one thing.

What product should Russell manufacture in the Far East? Russell started thinking about the recent spike in automobile fuel prices. Surely there was some way to cash in on that hysteria. How much could it possibly cost to have an electric vehicle built in China. But, then again, Russell wouldn’t want to let the cat out of the bag in his novel, now would he?

So, Russell decided to solve a murder mystery. When he entered the room, there was a body lying dead on the floor with a large Bowie knife in his back. This looks like a murder mystery all right, thought Russell. I’d better solve it.

“What it is, Chief Detective Russell?,” asked the rookie policeman.” Russell wouldn’t dignify the greenhorn’s stupid question with a response. He looked around the room for clues.

There was an open book on the table. Russell’s examination of the page revealed an opinicus, part eagle, part lion and part camel standing in front of a cross and the star of Bethlehem. In one of its paws, it held a pole with a ribbon on which was written De Praescientia Dei.

This is probably not significant, thought Russell. He was correct.


Anonymous said...

Hi OneEar!

Who are those handsome young lads modeling your clothes?

OneEar said...

Anon, I typically wear my clothes, so you must be referring to me. I am a bit confused by your use of the plural "lads." There is only one, or at most two, of me.