Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Unichurck Accused of Voting Irregularities (and sheep porking)

Following recent scandalous revelations by the First Unichurck (F.U.) regarding semi-consensual adult/sheep relations by its sensory-impaired leadership, another story is breaking regarding Floridian-style voting irregularities. Up until yesterday, Bunderwear Underwear was the foregone conclusion as the next Chancellor of the Churck, In-Absentia, and then--WHAM!!

Mysteriously, now there are only 5 days left (as opposed to the previous four-thousand and five) and all votes, like the odometer on a used car lot, were turned back to zero. FOR SHAME, OneEar!! FOR SHAME!!

How do you respond to these allegations?

Oh, and Florida and Michigan? In the words of Nelson Mundt of the Simpsons, "Hahaa"

1 comment:

OneEar said...

Don't try to spin this to your advantage. The results were heavily skewed in favor of the people who actually properly voted. This disenfranchises everyone who did not properly vote. Now, we don't want disenfranchisementarianism do we?

So, we had Diebold reset the vote.