Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Young Punkers pull it off

Brett Favray, seen in this lockeroom picture before the game, led those young punkers to an exciting OT victory last night 19-13 in the miles-high city. Of note, he is 1 year younger than OneEar. Congrats to the Wisconsians; make sure you got your medicare paperwork right, or you're on your way to prison.


OneEar said...

Tell me more about this Medicare fraud thing that you're peddling.

Litzi said...

Brett Favre looks pretty bad for a 38-year old....has OneEar fared any better over the years?

Crashtest Comic said...

it's my freaking birfday, baby!

Doc Bok said...

OneEar: Two things; first, it's not Medicare fraud, and I'm not peddling it. If you are a senior, and you can't figure out which Medicare plan you want when you are about to turn 65, the gumment decides which cheese you will eat, and you can't change it until you're dead, at which point health insurance concerns you less.
Second, it looks as though the Cali wildfires were in fact set by a young lad immitating you as a young lad. Nice job, Mr. Role-Model. Thanksalot.

ML--in a word, no.

CTC--congratulations on living for yet another year. Who knows when your lucky streak will end?