Thursday, September 27, 2007

Phan Male

Dear One E.,

As a faithful reader/contributor for several days now, I have a question for you. Who should I vote for in the '08 election? You seem to be full of opinions and LSD-like thought patterns.

As a form of "pre-payment" for your soon-to-follow litany of written babble some would call "advice", I will offer up this piece of "advice":

Do not see the movie "SuperBad". It is not titular irony nor vernacular; the movie is actually super bad, with an occasional funny moment here and there.

You're welcome.
Your Pal,

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OneEar said...

Dear Phan;
Thank you for telling me what not to watch. However, you needn't worry. Prior to the Simpsons Movie, I think the last movie I saw in a theatre was March of the Penquins. Ms.Ear and I rarely have the luxury of a night w/o feedlings, and we wouldn't waste it on SuperBad when there are so many bars to explore and drinks to, well, drink.