Friday, April 01, 2005

Poetry Deleted

Hear it now, the woeful tale
Of rightful kings unseated.
Lazy jokers claim the crown
And honor has retreated.
Senseless clowns have seized the throne,
Their punishment premeted.
Fearing not the melanchol
Of poetry deleted.

Let the pen reclaim the reign
From which it has been cheated.
Turn the pencil loose upon
the paper, I’ve entreated.
Heads will roll then, fleeing from
The scene of sewage treated,
Never more the sterile slate
Of poetry deleted.

Listen - listen closelyNothing can be heard.Nothing exists nowhereNo one says a word.Loose the gag, uncuff the handsNo censor’s stroke is needed.Noone must fall victim to The poetry deleted.

Pungent sweat and curdling screams
Of bloody foes defeated
Spoiling milk that turns to curd
When place and time are heated.
Did the sacrificial lamb
Regret the rhyme it bleated?
Never yielding to the fate
Of poetry deleted.

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