Friday, April 01, 2005

Her Nookie is a Leaker

Melinda Brown, a pretty 19-year-old Bostonian, one day while walking through the park, Melinda Brown encounters an almost-human creature lying in the grass and entreating passers-by for help.
Melinda Brown takes the creature to her house (she lives with her parents) cleans him up and discovers that he is Nookie.
He is a nice Nookie but due to a botched circumcision he is a leaker.

Her Nookie's a leaker; he can't control his bowels
Her parents beseech her; not to use the good guest towels
Her friends all laugh at her
As she changes his catheter
Her Nookie's a leaker, It's worse when he growls

Teenage angst; late thirties angst; late thirties newly discovered fellings of mortality; sexual inadequacy; sexual ennui and McCarthyism.

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