Monday, February 04, 2008

Digital Blow-back?

So, OneEar, not to deviate from your food train of thought, but what do you and Bunderkraut think of this?

Revealing source code is sort of anti-capitalistic, don't you think? Suddenly, anyone can copy your product, if you happen to make this sort of a product. Yet, if O.J. can be found innocent because of a chain-of-custody argument, I suppose no rock must be left unturned.


OneEar said...

Dok Bok;
I see that you have been bought and sold by Big Sobriety and their attack infringing upon our 1st amendment freedom to drink and drive (association).

I've never liked breathalyzers anyway. If you can do the alphabet hopscotch dance on the side of road, you should win the freedom to drive your drunk ass back home.

Doc Bok said...

That's very difficult to refute.

Doc Bok said...

I share your dislike for the contraptions; if they are as reliable as the majority of tech gadgets today, they have slick intended uses that make everyone smile and nod in agreement, and then actually function as billed about 30% of the time for people familiar with the technology. Hardly worth trashing someone's career/life over. Which is why I keep a fifth of Scotch in my glove box to chug in full view of the officer when I get pulled over and have cut my engine. Who says I was drunk before? But I am now. Really, right now I am.