Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Truth behind Rusty's Missing Ear

Rusty Lamb is our engineer
Even though he has just one ear
That Goddamn S%dn#y M$rr!tt bit the other one off

Rusty's revenge is so ingenious
He will stuff his Rusty penis
Down her big black throat until she coughs

(Name redacted by OneEar to protect the accused)


grahamalama said...

This is very disturbing.

Joe said...

I like this

grahamalama said...

This is an old battle:

Merritt v. Galloway

Supreme Court of New South Wales
Dowling J., 8 September 1830

Where sheep accidentally got out of a paddock into the Streets of Sydney, and had no driver with them Held that they were not within the meaning of the N.S.W. Impounding Act 9 G 4. No 11. s.11.