Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Official History of the Rusty Sessions

2012 - Boulder, CO. Surprise guest.

2011 - Liberty Bell Rusty, Philadelphia PA. DokBok gets a fan.

2010 - Boston Massacre Rusty.  Blood all over Boston.  Squad meets Steven Tyler, OneEar turns down offer to join Aerosmith.

2009 - Dylan McKay Rusty LA CA.  DokBok's neighbors  

2008 - Mount Vernon, Wisconsin. OneEar turns 40, DocBok closes the Yellow Bar forever. Amps don't work, fire won't light, Bundespanties leaves early.

2007- Baton Rouge/New Orleans

2006 - Dogtrack Rusty - Lake Zurich, IL

2005- Fais Do Do Rusty - Baton Rouge/New Orleans LA.

2004 - Rhode Island/Cape Cod

2003 - Baton Rouge/New Orleans

2002 - Boston ($1500.00 Rusty)

2001 - Wisconsin?

2000 - Somewhere north of Chicago

1999- Nags Head, North Carolina

1998 - Ankle Break Rusty - Verona, Wisconsin.
1997 -
Williamsburg VA-not a Rusty

1996-Different Cabin in Ohio

1995-Rusty Never Sleeps - Cabin in Ohio - featuring Jammin Johnny B, Bo-Bonna, Aislinn, and the Grosse Jacket.

1994-Mount Vernon, Wisconsin

1993- Arlington, VA

1992- Chicago, Illinois.  The First Official Authorized and Universally Recognized Rusty Session.

1991 - Chicago, Illinois. Pre-Planning meeting -20 year plan for Rusty Sessions developed, Articles of ConfettiRusty adopted.


Doc Bok said...

I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that you never took that job as The Wandering Improv Historian. But I am curious as to why you turned down the Aerosmith offer. Seems short-sighted.

Doc Bok said...

in 1998 I got in a fight with the bigger friend of the manslaughterer who wanted my jacket and Cocoa helped break my ankle and I had to take your cane to walk back to Virginia. That was in Verona.

OneEar said...

1998 - Ankle Break Rusty - check

litzi said...


nash said...

Miss Litzi, where are you?