Thursday, November 18, 2010

He Is Re-Re-Arisen

Regarding your insistence that I comment on the TSA's full body screening controversy, I acquiesce. My comments are these:

I truly and wholeheartedly believe that citizens periodically should be subjected to a full-body pat down. Cavity searches would be even better. And, if the citizen wants a so-called "Happy Ending," that should not cost extra. I wouldn't even mind showing up an hour before my flight if that service were included.

But, let's be civilized about this. The passenger should get to choose his feeler-upper from a line-up of employees just like at any decent whore-house.

Some airports have a Hooters in them. Couldn't these functions be combined?

Also, I think passengers telephone numbers should be included in the image. I realize that the images are supposed to be destroyed immediately, but, in the event that they do make it onto the internet, why shouldn't we be able to call the person?


Doc Bok said...

Thank you, Jesus, do I love a good naked woman. Who doesn't?

And thank you OneEar, for digging up the dead and presenting the only cogent argument in this sea of chaos surrounding government junk-grabbing.

Doc Bok said...

This definitely beats your camel-toe spread, by the btw.