Friday, August 08, 2008


OneEar, congratulations on that summarization of the Favre phenomenon and your suggestions for repairs. Now, aside from hanging Alan Greenspan in public for his typical governmental incompetence and near-two-decade stretch of irresponsible misreading of the economy and mis-assigning the federal interest rate, do you have other suggestions for improving the American economy? And, more importantly, can you make more money for me without requiring too much effort on my part? Thank you, you may proceed.


OneEar said...

Yes, I could tell you what will happen with the US economy. I've never really been a trend-setter so much as a trend-spotter. I've always had my finger up the ass of American public opinion, and I know where this country is heading.

But I'm not saying nothing.

Doc Bok said...

Damn, you. Out with it!