Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Well, Charlie Callahan found the wrong camera in the Sonoma Desert in Arizona.


He has deleted the photos from his blog.

We'll keep hoping, but I'm beginning to think that this may be a waste of time.

Sorry, Mike.


Charlie said...

Are these your, uh, photographs?

Anonymous said...

It should be the Sonora Desert. I would be suspicious. Examine the photos very carefully.

grahamalama said...

I don't recognize the dogs, but I'm pretty sure the middle photo is Al shooting his 16.5 gauge. Erik, is the big-boned woman one of yours?

cocoa_no_gogo said...

No there not my pics :(

Too bad!

If you find another camera let me know.

Keep it Real (KIR)


grahamalama said...

Keep what real? My assistant told me to "have a good one" yesterday! It isn't bad enough that bizarro strangers insult me with this epithet, but now my hired help has joined in. Oh, I really ripped her a new one (asshole).

Charlie said...

I am extremely distressed that this is not the correct camerus foundus. I have called Mayor Dunn and he graciously agreed to return the photographs to me, except for the one of the big-boned woman. He believes he is related to her on his great-aunt's side of the family.

I have decided to throw the camera back into the desert where I fell over it. Perhaps the asshole who lost it will stumble over it too and break his left profundal like I did.

OneEar said...

One can only hope.