Friday, October 21, 2011

Circle Jerks

So you'd probably like my careful analysis of the Republican candidates for President of these States United.

First, we identify the contenders by their most redeeming qualities:

The crazy, god guns and gays Texan.
The more crazy but less stupid woman.
The black Koch-head.
The mormon.
The only guy who makes any sense and who therefore can't possibly win.
The frothy mixture.
The Newt.
There might be another one or two.

Which of these is the right fit for the Republican party?

Some of us were Young Republicans who believed in limited government, States rights, and strong civil liberties (including the rights to privacy and private property).

We've seen an unrelenting attack on civil rights under both Democratic and Republican Presidents, most notably George W. We've also seen a political system, including the Supreme Court, which protects the rights of corporations to control the political system. The final straw, Citizen's United, permits corporations (which may be owned and controlled by people from other countries or even by other sovereign nations) to control the political system.

Meanwhile, in the area where the free market should be the guiding principle, namely the free market, the system was raped and left for dead by both Democratic and Republican lawmakers, most notably George W. Imagine the headline, "US Congress Transfers $750Billion from US Taxpayers to Multinational Corporations." That would be too funny even for the Onion, but that is exactly what has happened. Twice.

Ron Paul is the only one of these f^ckers who even talks about correcting some of this bullshit. I'm sure he'll increasingly be characterized as a nut-job, and God help him if he actually picks up some steam.

I liked Perry's suggestion at the last debate. If I understood him correctly, he wanted to see Herma Cain f^ck Newt Gingrich up the a$$ to see who could be VP. I'd like to see Ron Paul step out of the line and then the rest of them form a circle where each skewers the guy in front of him. After all, they want to represent us, and we're getting f^cked.


Doc Bok said...

You keep going around liking Ron Paul. I kinda do, too, but then, just as I'm thinking that this man is actually thinking, he says something so bat-shit-fucked up that I have to begrudgingly recant.

Doc Bok said...

who's The Frothy Mixture?

litzi said...

Corporations have taken control of our economy, our jobs, our political system and our environment. They tell us how to entertain ourselves, how to spend time with others, how to show love for friends and family, how to look good and feel good about ourselves, how to communicate, how to educate our kids, how to spend our spare time, how to be in public spaces together and how to create and enjoy music and art.

Our lives are spent with products of a corporation.

How can we find our non-corporate voices? How can we protest against this?

We can take a stand by not buying corporate products. We can opt not to eat at corporate restaurants or buy corporate coffee or corporate clothes. We can boycott corporate entertainment by spending time with family and friends. We can discover non-corporate music to listen to by creating our own and learn to value the serenity of silence.

It’s possible. We still have our humanity. We can still breathe, but first we must create some breathing room.

OneEar said...

DBok - Google "Santorum"

Mltzi- I don't mind the corporate form of ownership, and people are free to enjoy non-descript formulaic drivel in their food, music, infotainment and "interpersonal" relationships if they so choose.

However, democracy does not envision the participation of non-people, particularly those owned by and indebted to non-citizens.

If you want to hear some non-commercial music, I can recommend a band dedicated to remaining absolutely and completely unmarketable.

Doc Bok said...

isn't Santorum the guy who said John McCain doesn't know what torture is?

OneEar said...

As I re-read my post, I note a problem with my proposal for choosing the US Republican Presidential nominee.

Perry f^cks Bachman up the a$$. Fine, we're off to a good start. But the daisy chain ends there. You see Bachman is, and I don't know any other way to say this, a woman. We could have Bachman go upside down so that she could service Cain with her tongue. But I am afraid that people would confuse her with Bachman turn her overdrive. I've got it, she can borrow a Presidentail strap-on from Sarah Playin.

Everything else should work. Cain on Romney, and maybe Romney should be on the other mormon. In either case, Paul steps out, Santorum gets it from one of the mormons and gives it to Gingrich who gives it back to Perry. The whole circle rotates to "American Woman" by the Guess Who.

Perform the whole thing live before an audience of Japanese, Chinese and Arab people who get to choose the winner and you've got a whole new way of choosing the best and the brightest.

Doc Bok said...

That's the American way.